The contemporary and harmonious design blends in whit other structures on the property and the vineyard itself. Lines are clean, modern and, trough the use of highly efficient and innovative materials, enhance yet balance the surrounding environment.


Particular attention was given to the choice of materials and architetctural solutions used to minimize the invornmental left by our produtcion. The structure was developed using an innovative system that includes insulatin bricks, which create thermal inertia, allowing control over significant shifts in temperature.

Garden cover

Along with the green architectural design, the garden cover protects from any kind on environmental conditioning, regardless of the season. One of the main characteristics of the green roof is,  in fact, to have a thermally balancing effect. Through this process, rainwater is retained in the soil, then naturally and slowly evaporates, preventing overheating of the cover, yet not allowing heat to dissipate when the temperature drops.

Solar energy

The electrical power required for our cellar activities and for cooling of the must is provided by a 20KW photovoltaic system, also maintains the environmental footprint at a minimum. The solar panels being used draw on Cigs Tecnhology, which makes it possible to position them without a slant, thus ensuring the utmost integration within their environment. Hot water is suppled through use of specialized thermal panels.