Photo Credits: Alberto Lusvardi

Our grapes

Organic fertilization, soil aeration, complete controlled grassing, renewed branch pruning with gems load reduction, tireless and accurate observation and lots and lots of patience…the organic approach lead us in the last few years to relevant qualitative results, with production harmonic with a mature and balanced vineyard which left behind the youth exuberance and found new life in the new approach focused on the plant physiology respect.

Production tecnique: Innovation and Integrity

The hand-picked and selected grapes are cooled down before being separated from the stems. This allows to preserve the peculiarities of our wines such as the fruit essence, the freshness, the terroir while drastically reducing the need for added sulfites, since the cooler temperature naturally inhibits the process of oxydation. This technique combined with the CO2 fermentation obtained directly from must (without any sugar added) develop a Sparling wine which features the unique flavors, colors, sensations  which belong to the Lambrusco varietal along with the lowest possible quantity of sulfites.


“FOLLOW ME/SEGUIMI” is the concept that summarizes our company’s mission statement and is represented in every phase of the production of our wine. no pressure, no distractions. our top priority was preserving the essence of our vineyeards and of the very soil that make up our wine’s unique personality. a bottle of wine, a vineyeard, human hands. nature is full of simple truths, often hidden in plain sight.